There was once a time when my heart was so alive in revelation of Jesus, of the Father, and the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of me. I say that like it was so long ago, but really this was just only months ago. I don’t know at what point I stopped feeding myself on the word, praying intentionally, or when even just having a simple conversation with The Lord through out the day stopped. I know I’m back slidden, and it matters to me, I miss the intimacy and the nearness. i know He hasn’t left me, I know He’s so near… Psalms 139, right? i know the verses, but my heart doesn’t. In the past few months I’ve grown so bitter toward everything, even the Lord. And the few times that I do pick up my bible to read, my heart isn’t moved and I walk away discouraged and feeling further from Him than ever.

Lord, give to me that spirit of wisdom and revelation, cause my heart to yearn for you once again!